Help Support Port Orford Field Station

Donations to Port Orford Field Station Funds support student learning, including research, education, and community engagement opportunities. 

Port Orford Field Station Development Fund

A south coast outpost supporting research, education, and engagement on Oregon's beautiful wind-swept southern coast.

The station supports access to this unique marine and terrestrial ecosystem for transdisciplinary research and education, community priorities, and economic opportunities.  The field station has lab and classroom space, along with lodging for visiting scientists and students, and an air fill station for scientific and recreational divers.

Your donation will enhance our ability to continue to provide this vital support to students and researchers, and to expand our work in this hard-working rural community, as its residents embrace the new blue economy.


How to help

You can support the work of the Port Orford Field Station by making a contribution to the Port Orford Science and Education Fund at the OSU Foundation. Just let them know that you would like to support the Port Orford Field Station, and they will make sure your donation is used to support our work!

If you would like to support a student or researcher making use of the station, you can make a donation of any size to the Port Orford Field Station Development Fund at the Agricultural Research Foundation

Apply for grants from the development fund by clicking on the "Apply for Grants" button below. 


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