The station holds a wet lab, dry lab, office, classroom, lodging, and SCUBA tank fill station.

The Lodge houses a kitchen and three bedrooms, maximum capacity is 10 users. The wet lab holds two sinks and three workstations, the dry lab houses an additional 3 workstations. The classroom can accommodate up to 40 people for events. Office space for up to 6 people is available in the office.

The air fill station is operated under the Diving Safety Office and SCUBA tank fills are available to approved scientific divers and recreational divers with proof of certification, valid identification, and a cylinder that meets industry standards. Advance notice of fill needs is appreciated and donations are accepted in support of our dive program. 

All facilities are available for use by researchers and students from OSU and other research and education institutions and agencies, along with community groups. 



  • Use of either wet or dry lab - $10/day (External partners), $9/day (OSU partners)
  • Use of both wet and dry lab - $20/day (External partners), $15/day (OSU partners)

SCUBA tank air fill

  • $5/tank (donation in support of dive program)

Desk space

  • Provided in shared station office $7/day


  • $50/day, $25/half-day (External partners) $40/day, $20/half-day (OSU partners)


  • Includes use of kitchen and linens - $20/night/person


  • $20/day