Past Experiences

Port Orford Field Station has hosted many marine-related internship opportunities over the years. View some of the students' past experiences below. 

Maddie English 

Marine Reserve Interpretation

Maddie did a combination of volunteer coordinator and interpretive ranger work. She had the opportunity to experience the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area (MPA), working to communicate the ecological and cultural aspects of the Marine Reserve and MPA to the publish and visitors to Port Orford. 

Internship Presentation: Maddie English- Marine Reserve Interpretation: Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve

Internship Poster: State of the Urchins: Reproductive Analysis Through Gonadal Index and Color

State of the Coast Presentation: Urchins and Kelp Forests

Tom McCambridge

Marine Reserve Interpretation

Based at Port Orford Research Station, Tom created a video and social media products for nonscientific audiences to increase awareness of the scientific research in the Red Rocks Marine Reserve. He experienced the research first-hand by assisting the grey whale, intertidal and sustainable seafood teams at POFS. Did this internship change this marine biology and chemistry student’s career plans? “Absolutely. I love the idea of doing research for a living, but the day-to-day activity and impact of science communication sounds more fulfilling than research. As research becomes more and more of a collaborative undertaking, I could see myself being in a role of communicator on a research team.”

Internship Poster: Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve- Experience the Reserve to Interpret the Reserve

Internship Presentation: Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve Interpretation

Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve Video: What makes Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve special?

A Series of Short Stories from A Field Season in Port Orford

By Mia Arvizu, Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) & GEMM Lab summer intern, OSU junior

Part 1: The Green Life Jacket

The swells are churning and for once my stomach is calm. I take advantage of it while I can, and head out on the kayak. Another beautiful day, another good data set. 

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